About Us

Welcome to the Tri State Jewelers Association. Tri State is a non-profit trade organization representing retail jewelers in Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C. and dedicated to Consumer Protection and Education and the advocacy and development of retail jewelers in this region. Whether you are a retailer looking to improve your staff’s knowledge and expertise, or a consumer looking for a quality, professional jeweler, Tri State can help guide you. Our members consist of quality Independent and Chain jewelers and industry partners. Tri State extends an invitation to all retail jewelers in the region to join our organization.

Our Retailers

Tri State's retail members are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for their customers. Our members maintain relationships with the jewelry industry's best designers, suppliers, and manufacturers in order to provide the highest quality and best selection of jewelry for their customers. Tri State members advocate professionalism and adhere to the highest ethical, social, and environmental standards in order to improve consumer confidence and promote Consumer Protection and Education.

Our Partners

Tri State Jewelers Association’s member retail jeweler’s partners are vendors, designers, suppliers, manufacturers, brands, service providers, and trade associations that share our objectives. These objectives include improving consumer confidence in the jewelry industry by advocating professionalism and adherence to high ethical, social, and environmental standards; protecting the interests of the jewelry industry through legislative monitoring or grassroots advocacy; and strengthening the vitality and profitability of the jewelry industry through education, training, and business services. These Partner/Retailer relationships benefit from each partner’s strengths and these relationships foster the development of initiatives and services that better the fine jewelry marketplace.

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