Dale Ballenger of Bellinger's Jewelers

Dale Bellinger's family has been in the jewelry business since his father, Glenn Bellinger, a former Director on Tri States board, apprenticed in Washington, D.C. and opened his own trade shop in 1950. In 1974, his parents moved to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and opened Ye Ole Jewel Shoppe, Inc.. Dale decided to "learn the trade craft" of jewelry repair and stone setting at the former Bowman Technical School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He then moved to Rehoboth Beach to begin his apprenticeship under his father's tutelage and attained Journeyman status in 1981. In 1989, Dale and his wife, a Gemologist, purchased the company and renamed the business, Bellinger's Jewelers. Dale has been on TSJ’s Board since the 1980's and served as it's President from 1995-1996 and currently serves as the Delaware representative.